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  • Web site was often down
  • Web pages took minutes to load
  • Navigation was inconsistent
  • Domain Name ownership was lost
  • Monthly hosting costs were high
  • Web site sometimes displayed as an "adult" site


  • We created consistent navigation
  • We obtained control of the domain name for the client
  • We moved domain to a quality hosting company
  • We created fast loading pages that combined images and text


  • A fun and informative website that displays quickly and is viewable 24/7. The client benefited in that they now have lower monthly costs by switching hosting companies to one that provides hosting services at $99 per year. The owners are in control of their domain name. The site draws client inquiries, and the owners have received numerous compliments about the look and usefulness of their site.
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We welcome website challenges as long as they benefit your business in the long run. We view all problems as "opportunities for solutions".

The best word to explain what we did with this website is "RESCUE".

The Domain:




The owners contacted us and said they were having problems with their existing site. There were numerous problems. Sometimes the site was down, sometimes it displayed as an adult site. There was an inconsistent navigation system and each of the pages contained one very large, slow loading, poor quality (gif) image. The domain had been removed from their ownership to that of the designer, who offered to sell it back for $500, as he rescued it from someone who had hijacked it "somehow". People rarely used the web site to find information or to contact them.

Over the course of several weeks we worked with the owners (whenever they had a few minutes free time) to determine what they really wanted out of the new site, what had been done (and not done) in the past, what contracts still remained, and what they wanted for future changes.

We then spent hours trying to contact the past designer, had a dispute document created which was provided to the domain name (Internic) controlling body. We had a legal document sent to the past designer stating what was illegal and what the consequences would be if the domain and materials were not released.

While all of this was taking place, we began the creation of a new site for the owners of Alpine Mickeys.

We were finally able to reinstate the domain back to the owner's name, move the domain to a quality and cost effective hosting service, and finally create a fun and informative web site.

It was a rewarding experience for us. We are very pleased that we were able to "Rescue" the site for the owners at !

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